The start


In the year 2000 the kindergarten teacher Katrien Vermeersch went for the first time to Kenya.

Like many other vacationers, she enjoyed the gorgeous nature and the sun, that is always present in Kenya. She went on safari and enjoyed her stay.

But she looked also further than the fence of the hotel and left for exploration in the neighborhood. She saw how her Kenyan fellow teachers had to teach under difficult circumstances. There are in crooked clay classrooms with straw roofs where the rain poured in, with a total lack of teaching materials and hungry children.

These are just a few descriptions that characterize how the situation was. Deeply affected by this poignant situation, her decision was taken quickly: we have to do something about this.

It was the impertus to start in 2006 with the non-profit organization 'Rainbow4Kids'. In 2009 the non-profit association built a kindergarten and primary school in Maweni (Ukunda), a small village 30 km south of Mombasa.

The school now includes: 1 nursery claas; 1 baby class; 2 kindergarten classes and 6 classes for primary education. The own kitchen is in daily use for breakfast and a delicious nutritious lunch. Moreover, the school has a boarding school where the final year students can prepare for the final exams.