In addition to our core team, we also have a group of people who have become real friends of Rainbow4Kids.
They are familiar with the project and also visit it regularly to lend a hand on the spot.

We like to call them our ambassadors.

And here with us too, they are our representatives, organize all kinds of activities that make us known throughout
Belgium. They are often on standby when an activity is organized. And then it doesn't matter
if it's a speech, a sermon, a dinner party or the happening. If possible, they also bring in grant files to their
municipality or represent Rainbow4Kids in the GROS of their municipality.

We are rightly very proud that they want to do this for us without any interest. Asante sana for this.


Who are our ambassadors?

Eddy & Annie Debeuf-Vanhoutte +32 51 48 97 78
Francis Louagie
Chantal Ebo +32 475 31 99 37
Kelly Herremans +32 499 13 30 51
Hugo D'hoker
Leen Nerinckx +32 476 32 15 41
Francis & Anny Paesmans-Wijns
Vera Vandersteen +32 475 29 22 11
Johan Loos +32 477 04 46 78
Ghilaine Luys +32 472 27 22 35
Michel & Jenny Putzeys-Bailien +32 475 878 098



We also have ambassadors in Kenya. We get a lot of support and help from:

Harry Kisamwa